Intensive Career to Meet the New Challenge - ZIMATT Tire Marketing System Swearing Mentor Convention

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The morning of February 14, ZERMATT tires in the company training room held a "intensive farming to meet new challenges" as the theme of the 2016 annual marketing system swearing. The company executives and domestic marketing team a total of more than 260 people attended the meeting.

2016 annual marketing system swearing in the General Assembly site
The meeting was chaired by Qin Hongsheng, secretary of the Party branch of the domestic market.
The meeting carried out the deployment of domestic market business in 2016, analyzed the current situation of the domestic market, and summed up and shared the road show situation of Dongfeng Tianlong Truck Competition. In addition, the meeting also on the 2015 issue of the domestic marketing system to carry out a report on the domestic sales system in 2016 and the issue of the company-level issues were released!
At the meeting, the general manager of the company for the domestic marketing system problems Zhang Xiao pointed out that the marketing system should pay attention to the development of topics, topics in addition to the current operating problems, the company's development strategy requirements, Standard situation to choose, Zhang hope that through the subject to guide you to collect data, manage data, to quantify the problem through research methods to achieve the ultimate goal of the subject.

Company chairman, party secretary Wang Feng delivered an important speech at the meeting
Chairman of the Board, Party Secretary Wang Feng made an important speech. He hoped that the marketing system to work on a serious summary of the team to cultivate the spirit of the wolf, the last bit out. He pointed out that the marketing system of the KPI in accordance with the subject of the form of thinking to do, in 2016 from the management of the depth of excavation, to clear the task, quantify the measurable indicators, the value to the company, to provide customers with the overall program. Wang Feng pointed out that for the current market in the next 3-5 years, ZERMATT need to accelerate the implementation of strategic transformation, mainly to achieve three aspects of change. First, to achieve the "quantity" of the operators to "quality" operators of the change, and ultimately become a "quality" leader; Second, the past from the traditional manufacturing enterprises to service-oriented manufacturing enterprises in transition, In providing excellent products at the same time provide quality services; third is to vigorously promote the internationalization.
Finally, Wang on behalf of the board of directors and leadership team on the sales team and family sent condolences to the festival!

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