A small sign can indicate a great trend:lots tire companies money to pay the bills

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July 10, Tire World Network was informed that Shandong Guangrao there are many tire companies into the money also account for the situation.
Judgment can not be executed
Guangrao Court recently issued a civil loan dispute administrative ruling.
The ruling shows that Shandong Remote Tire Co., Ltd., Dongying City Tiantong Rubber Co., Ltd., Shandong Jiang Yue Power Machinery Co., Ltd. and many other enterprises, refused to repay the outstanding 200 million loan.
During the enforcement process, the courts found that they had no deposit, vehicle, securities, property and other property available for execution.
Because involved in the case, Jiang Yue power machinery, remote tires, Tiantong Rubber, Li Jun, Yan Pu, Li Jinlan, Tian Zhitang, Bu Xiuzhen, Li Zetang, Wang Xiaoying and other enterprises and individuals, was included in the list of believers.
According to the tire world network to understand the application of the case is Dongying City Guangrao County Fengtai small loans Co., Ltd..
The loan company was approved by the Shandong Provincial Finance Office, the main micro-credit business, registered capital of 200 million yuan.
Shandong Sea Group is its main sponsor, Guangrao local key enterprises and well-known natural person for the company's shareholders.
Small case glimpse of the general trend
Tire World Network observed that recently, Guangrao many tire companies into a capital chain dilemma. The local government has the tire business mergers and acquisitions, into the development plan. Industry consolidation has become a trend.
As a well-known local enterprises, the sea group is also involved in the tide.
It was reported that not long ago, the group to a local large-scale tire business injection.
However, the tire companies involved in this case is clearly falling out with the sea group.
According to reports, remote tires located in Guangrao County, Wang high-tech development zone, is a Taiwan-funded enterprises.
The company was founded in 1996, mainly producing engineering tires and motorcycles inside and outside tires.
Long-term tires have been rated as Shandong Province, "the contract and trustworthy enterprise." This time into the list of believers were blind, so that their pre-accumulated reputation swept away.
Tiantong Rubber is also located in Guangrao King, its main business tires, hoses, conveyor belts and other products.
The two companies are not the local tire industry "leader", but be regarded as a larger production enterprises.
"In the tire industry restructuring tide, the merger of large enterprises more attractive, but some small cases, more can see the general trend." Guangrao County tire industry, a person said.
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