Chinese tire industry with trade "road map"

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Recently, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade promulgated the "China Export Promotion Promotion Roadmap for 2017", which introduced the economic and trade situation and export opportunities of 50 key foreign trade countries and regions in China.
This "road map" with a visual approach, lists the top 10 countries of each country's imports of countries, imports and growth, to help companies accurately grasp the country from the global import and imports from China's development trend.
The relevant information also analyzes the political and economic relations between China and its export, economic development and social stability, geopolitics, trade complementarity, industry linkages, competitors and other aspects.
Tire World Network learned that the purpose of making this trade route "guide map" is to consider and judge the opportunities and risks of Chinese enterprises' exports, put forward the "one country one policy" targeted suggestions to help enterprises more effectively grasp the export opportunities , Tap the market potential.
It is reported that some domestic tires and rubber enterprises in the "going out" in the process, due to lack of understanding of other countries' national conditions, culture and trade policies, often encounter unexpected problems and difficulties.
Some companies went well in the investment negotiations, but did not realize that they faced many substantive problems that could not be solved until the specific projects were officially launched and implemented.
"The road map," said the new US government more protectionist trade policy, will give the negative impact of Sino-US trade, chemical, steel, rubber and other areas facing "double" threat.
Analysis of the "Guide map" can be found in recent years, the domestic rubber and tire industry to implement the overseas transfer strategy, and the information provided by the trade route is very fit.
According to statistics, "along the way" along the country, because of its lower factor cost, rich raw material resources and other favorable conditions, as the tire rubber industry outside the main transfer to undertake.
(Source: Tire World Network)

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