ZERMATT tire debut Panama tire exhibition

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From July 13 to 15, the 7th Latin American & Caribbean Tire Expo 2016 kicked off in the fascinating city of Panama. ZERMATT tire debut tire exhibition.

LAC Tire Expo is the largest exhibition in Latin America in recent years, the most complete exhibits, exhibitors and visitors to the largest exhibition. There are more than 200 exhibitors from 20 countries and more than 2,500 tire and machinery accessories from more than 30 countries attended the exhibition, looking for cooperation opportunities.
The exhibition, ZERMATT tire LAC sales team and the Americas R & D backbone to bring its three products with star products debut. Aeolus Tire booth is located in the main exhibition hall. Eye-catching ZERMATT yellow, the atmosphere of the booth structures, conspicuous location, eye-catching LOGO cited countries exhibitors have come to consult and negotiate, and reached a number of cooperation will.

Visitors to the ZERMATT tires, the customer's trust in the ZERMATT tires to ZERMATT people in the proud but also feel a great responsibility. We will take this pride and responsibility to temper forward.

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