ZERMATT Tires held in Latin America in 2016 Overseas Dealers Conference

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July 16-18, the occasion of the Panama Tire Exhibition, ZERMATT tire held in 2016 Latin America overseas dealer conference. More than 40 dealers from Latin American and Caribbean countries attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Deputy General Manager of ZERMATT tire Song Liping welcome speech, expressed warm welcome to dealers around. Guo Shuangxing, General Manager of Overseas Marketing Headquarters, gave a detailed analysis and answer to the opportunities and challenges brought by Zurich and the development prospects of ZERMATT tires. TBR R & D engineer Fan Junwei, overseas product engineer Han Zhen on the Latin American region TBR & OTR star product performance, new product development direction of the region, focusing on research and development topics to do a detailed introduction.

In the exchange links, and dealers to interact. Panama M Company and Ecuador C Company two gold medal customers to share experience. M company with ZERMATT tire cooperation more than a decade, ZERMATT brand building and branding in the outstanding achievements, and its chairman Jacky ZERMATT tire with the wind and rain, hand in hand, win-win cooperation and experience. C company in ZERMATT tire cooperation for nearly 4 years, from the initial run-in support to the brothers now trust, Max PPT to the wonderful sound of his story with ZERMATT, but also share his sales, marketing, etc. The business sense.

In recognition of the outstanding contributions made in the sale of the dealer, overseas business headquarters to give the corresponding customer awarded a series of awards. The conference has greatly enhanced the confidence of dealers, ZERMATT brand image in Latin America and the continuous improvement of the further development of globalization laid a more solid foundation.

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